You took the first step to read my website. This means you have entered my world of kink. My looks? My wavy  hair is long gold blond and with my bluegreen eyes i will look right trough you. To play an amazing session i use my intelligence and human knowledge. I am very creative, unpredictable (in a good way), patient and a good listener verbally and non-verbally. 

With my mind, body and dominant appearance i will make you mine. I can play soft sensual sessions or hardcore sm with no mercy. I will torture you with a smile and reward you while ignoring you. In my sessions you will be in a state of submission i demand total obedience.


The variety of slaves is what makes being a Domina so interesting for me. My slaves come from all over the world each of them with their own view on BDSM. I only prefer to play with the slaves i really have a connection with. I am very picky and this makes me an exclusive Mistress. which i am very proud of.


Are you looking for a experienced, discrete, high class Domina who finds safety very important? Book a session and we will discover a world were other people can only dream of.

The possibillities are endless thats why i only write down a list of things that are not possible. See below.


- Seks

- Oral
- Smoking
- Medical play
- Religious roleplay