I started travelling trough Europe since 2 years. From my hometown the Netherlands i went to France, England, Germany and Belgium. I do this by car or train by myself or with my best friend Mistress Lynn Cane


My sessions are exclusive so are the appartments and studio's i rent. A downpayment is required*.

If you want to make an appointment write down your wishes, day and time of appointment, clothing preferences  and all other information you think is important.

London Rates:

  • 220gbp 1 hour play
  • 300gbp 1 hour HS play
  • 400gbp 1 hour Duo play with Lynn Cane
  • 550gbp 1 hour Duo HS play with Lynn Cane



Special offers:


  • 1600gbp Overnight 12 hours
  • 1800gbp All day 9 hours

    * Downpayment by PayPal or giftcard

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